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Most Famous Casinos of the World

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With the changing times and the introduction of new technologies, casinos have undergone a great change. Earlier, casinos were just considered as the places for gambling but now the trend has changed. Not only does a casino offers wonderful opportunities to play various games but also provides fun opportunities for the visitors. The high standard of services, excellent maintenance, and wonderful ways to spend time are some of the features of today’s casinos. There are lavish hotels, buffets, bars, and restaurants available in the big casinos. Because of the extraordinary environment and facilities, these casinos are quite popular all over the world. Here we have mentioned some of the famous casinos in the world.

Casino Lisboa - It is a grand casino located in the capital city of Portugal. Initially, when it was opened the casino was not that big. But with the passage of time, certain additions were made into it. Now, the casino spans over 165000 square feet, which is really a big space. It has 7 bars, 1000 hotels, 26 card and table games. Inside Casino Lisboa, all the facilities are top-class and the casino is well-equipped with the latest technology. This casino is a partner of and has been working with them for a lot of years now.

Sands Macao - Sands Macao is located in Macau and it is located over 229,000 square feet area. It contains around 750 gaming floors and all these are excellently designed. Not only this, the casino has 1000 card and table games, 7 bars, and 51 hotels rooms. The design of the casino has been prepared by Steelman Partners and it is operated by Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas - Another famous casino on the list is MGM Grand which is located in Las Vegas, US. It offers an excellent gaming environment, entertainment facilities, and leisure activities to have fun. Not only it is beautifully designed from the outside but also has been made with a lot of care on the inner side. MGM Grand is spread over 170,000 square feet, and contains over 5044 hotels rooms, 20 bars and restaurants, and 2300 gaming machines for the visitors to spend their time.

The Venetian Macau, China - It is one of the most popular casinos in the world and it offers a very high quality of services to its visitors. The name of the casino is “Venetian” because, its interior partially resembles the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. This casino has high-quality bars, restaurants, night-clubs. The nightclubs offer high-quality shows and performances, and the gaming environment is extremely energetic. Not only it is popular for games but also it is known for exhibitions, conventions, entertainment facilities and cafes.

The City of Dream Resort, Macau - Another casino in China is City of Dream Resort in Macau. It has acquired an area of 420,000 square feet and has 1350 gaming machines. Around 1400 hotel rooms, 14 bars, and 520 poker and table games are there in this casino. Due to luxury accommodation, high quality service, wonderful hotels, international dining, it is one of the popular places for visitors to have fun.

So, these are some of the famous casinos in the world and all these casinos contain a number of facilities. Due to the high-quality services and many wonderful opportunities to spend time, these are considered as the luxurious casinos all over the globe.